captions pt. 2

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brown is the color of
the warmth of an embrace,
the crackling of a fire,
the comfort of home.

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when dawn ignites the sun on the horizon,
the shadows can no longer hide us.
so let me savor this moment
spent in silence with you.

( 4:27 AM )

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a city that never sleeps —
methodical. systematic.
a forest of silent dreams —
tranquil. safe.

i was sitting alone,
my only company the
sound of cars running across the pavement
and footsteps fading down the hall.
yet it was

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she had the universe at the tip of her fingers;
she held the stars in the palm of her hand.
who are you to offer the world?

( already )

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my memories either have
faces without names
or names without faces.
but what i do not lack
is the spectrum of emotion
that one can never forget.

( faded, but never forgotten )


captions pt. 1

[ these are poems that were somewhat rushed yet still deemed worthy. and yes, all of the headers are my pictures; please do not repost them. thank you. ]

[ p.s. clicking the pictures will link you to the actual ig post :3 ]



isn’t it better to never be able to touch you
rather than to never have you at all,
o butterfly of mine?

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let us build skies of our own.
let our hearts sink as stones in water.
let the streets flicker their artificial stars.

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white roses and white lies.
( give me your silhouettes, instead. )

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reflect the city of sunsets
on your glassy eyes;
but save the rain for another day,
for when we say our goodbyes.

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perhaps we find comfort
in the company of strangers;
perhaps we seek a path
with no expectations to meet.