you admire the flowers without knowing their names. you are so accustomed to glancing at a pretty bloom, acknowledging its smooth petals, then going your merry way.

you pick them without regard, without constraint. you savor its sweet perfume for a day then toss it out the next. the vases in your house are simply motels, each room waiting to be filled.

do you not care of what happens to the roses and tulips and daffodils and petunias? if only you had bothered to learn their names.

perhaps then you would realize how blossoms wilt once they are plucked.

( but you already knew that, didn’t you? )



you have no more silken sheets to hide your scales.
you have no more sweet incense to cover your scent.

i have seen those shining eyes.
i have heard your silver tongue.

your kiss, a pleasant poison.
your touch, a beautiful blade.

( but your seduction will not work here. )

s.a.  ;  sinful


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the cracks in the walls are there
to remind us
of how close we always are
to breaking.

( open wounds don’t heal easily. )

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drive a nail through my skin —
i’ll count it as a welcome battle scar;
i’ll have it as a stinging reminder.

( what story shall i tell? )

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once we fall,
we will truly experience
the world.

( perfection is not found here. )

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entangle me
in your coarse embrace.

( choke me with your love. )

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white noise & silences

[ originally written down, this piece consists of rambling tbh. ]

fill me with white noise,
so i never have to feel empty.
shake this silent house with screams,
so there’s no space for anything more.

because the moment we pause,
our masks begin to crumble.
the moment we hesitate,
our puppet strings snap.

( i find it oddly poetic how
silence holds the most emotion —
nothing grasping something.
and we so desperately hate it. )

how can nothing still keep something
while i cannot even keep you close in my arms?
the ringing in my ears shrieks louder.
( did i say that out loud? )

the silence, it makes you think.
the quiet, it makes you dream.
but its too much too much too much.
so fill me with white noise.

[ post scriptum. ]

but we don’t scream.
we don’t yell.

so we tumble into our own
abysses of “whys” and “what if’s,”
oblivious to the fact that the only one
who could pull me out was you
and you, me.

captions pt. 1

[ these are poems that were somewhat rushed yet still deemed worthy. and yes, all of the headers are my pictures; please do not repost them. thank you. ]

[ p.s. clicking the pictures will link you to the actual ig post :3 ]



isn’t it better to never be able to touch you
rather than to never have you at all,
o butterfly of mine?

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let us build skies of our own.
let our hearts sink as stones in water.
let the streets flicker their artificial stars.

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white roses and white lies.
( give me your silhouettes, instead. )

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reflect the city of sunsets
on your glassy eyes;
but save the rain for another day,
for when we say our goodbyes.

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perhaps we find comfort
in the company of strangers;
perhaps we seek a path
with no expectations to meet.

lyrics to no song

So kiss me to death.
Steal all my breath.
Take on every piece of me
Until there’s nothing left.

Tear me apart,
Starting with my heart.
Be the one you said you were
When it was still the start.

Am I right? Am I wrong?
When you’re there and you’re gone
It’s the truth; it might hurt
But think back, oh, was it worth
All the pain and misery,
Oblivious while I’m dying.
The one regret that I can’t see
Is how I let you get to me.

[ yo tbh I don’t recall writing this.
so if it turns out to be that it is not an original piece, do tell me. ]

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